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2014 Orange County Fair

Thank you for visiting us! Our interactive booth had 20,767 visitors!


OC Fair
ExplorOcean at OC Fair


Education Programs

In January 2013, ExplorOcean launched a new K-12 ocean literacy educational platform, which has been met with great enthusiasm by the public, donors and corporations. We provide interactive, hands-on, educational experiences to visitors of all ages helping them gain an understanding of the ocean while simultaneously developing the explorer within. All ExplorOcean activities align with the 7 essential principles of Ocean Literacy, Next Generation, and California Science Standards, and focus on three key elements: Investigate! Innovate! and Communicate!

Ocean Literacy Principles

1. The Earth has one big ocean
2. The ocean shapes the Earth
3. The ocean influences weather and climate
4. The ocean makes Earth habitable
5. The ocean supports a diversity of life and ecosystem
6. Humans and the ocean are interconnected
7. The ocean is largely unexplored

Our educational programs range from single-day workshops, multi-week programs, lectures, free public activities, to summer camps.

In addition to developing the 21st Century mind, ExplorOcean has a passion for connecting traditionally underserved learners, many of whom have never seen the ocean. We were pleased and proud to develop an ocean connection and expand their worldviews.

Our Literacy Center has something for everyone. Come and join us and together we can start Inspiring a New Wave of Ocean Exploration and Discovery!