4 Best Electric Outboard Motors

When it comes to buying motor vehicles, one of the most important factors to look out for is its environmental friendliness. Does the vehicle pump out harmful exhaust fumes or leak gasses into the environment?

Nowadays, one of the best ways that we can enjoy the benefits of motor-powered travel while still looking out for our planet is to use electric-powered motors.

Electric-powered motors help to reduce our carbon footprint, by using a sustainable energy source that requires no harmful fuels or harmful combustion processes. The only trouble is, these engines can be really expensive to get your hands on, and that’s to say nothing of how difficult they can be to find. 

If you’re looking to get your first electric outboard motor for your boat, you may be finding yourself a bit overwhelmed by the task of finding the perfect one that doesn’t cost you the Earth.

We know how hard this process can be, so we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to four of the best electric outboard motors you can get, complete with a buyer’s guide to help you to be completely informed.

Best Electric Outboard Motors

E’Dyn 2035

Enjoying the open waters is best done quietly and peacefully, with the only sound being the waters lapping against your boat. The E’Dyn 2035 is purpose-built to help you to achieve the perfect quiet ride. The 2035 motor is designed to have an incredibly low noise profile and is able to reduce all vibrations it creates.

This helps to keep it incredibly quiet, which makes it less annoying for you, and also means it won’t be disturbing any local fish, which makes it perfect for fishing or scuba-diving, so you can observe fish in their natural state.

The E’Dyn 2035 also creates zero emissions, which means it won’t be pumping out harmless chemicals into the air, or worse, into the water. This makes it incredibly environmentally friendly, so you can enjoy the waters completely guilt-free.

The electric power system also means that this motor is far more efficient than its petrol-based counterparts, as it is able to achieve an instant torque, to allow you to get moving without wasting power on starting up.

You can also look great while riding the waters thanks to the E’Dyn 2035’s effortlessly modern design, complete with a flashy and sleek white and black color. This helps your boat to really pop.

You also won’t have to keep a constant eye on this motor either, thanks to its water-based cooling system, which carefully uses the water around you to keep itself cool, to prevent overheating. You can also easily monitor the motor thanks to its built-in LCD screen, which displays all of the important information you need to know while on the move. 

The 2035 is also perfect for customizability so that you can adapt it to your needs, no matter what they may be. The 2035 is available with small, large, and extra-large shaft lengths, and these shafts can easily be fitted to accommodate any propeller you want to use.

There are also numerous E’Dyn branded peripherals designed for use on the 2035, including large extra battery packs to fuel longer sessions, and color displays to track your position and speed. 

Now for the nitty-gritty details. The E’Dyn 2035 is built to last you many years, thanks to its expert craftsmanship. As well as this, the motor also has a voltage of 9d volts, which can create up to 20kW of power.

This means the motor won’t ever be over-exerting itself, which can vastly extend its lifespan. The 2035 can create up to 2,400 rotations per minute for the propeller, and while this may be slightly lower than the average outboard motor, it is perfect for those who will be using it recreationally, thanks to its low noise profile.


  • Highly modern and unique design with a water cooling system.
  • Easily customizable, thanks to the extra peripherals available.
  • Quiet and eco-friendly.


  • Slightly slower RPM than other motors.
  • The steering arm must be purchased separately.

Torqeedo Deep Blue 25 RL System

The Torqeedo Deep Blue is an amazing feat of modern engineering. This 40 horsepower beast runs entirely on electricity and runs far quieter than its gasoline-based counterparts. The motor, complete with a stylish black and silver color combo, is high quality throughout and built with the utmost care.

Every component is built to last, and to work in perfect tandem with every other component. The system is completely water-tight, so you don’t have to worry about any leaks potentially affecting the efficiency of the motor. 

Electric propulsions systems are also far better than gas-powered propulsion systems, as they require far less maintenance. This means that there is less time spent fixing your motor, and more time using it to carve your way through the waves. This will also save you a lot of money in the long run, as you won’t need to waste money on spare parts or the expertise of a mechanic. 

Power is also not an issue for the Torqeedo Deep Blue. This beauty of a motor can keep itself running for hours, at comparable speeds to competitive gas-powered motors.

One overnight charge will provide the Deep Blue with hours of use, so you won’t have to spend your exciting time on the water worrying about when you need to refuel. The Deep Blue can achieve a horsepower of up to 40, which is able to keep up with most competing motors, while still running with a far quieter noise profile. 

The Torqeedo Deep Blue also makes your user experience far easier, thanks to a built-in touch screen display which will allow you to keep a solid measure on your battery level, as well as displaying a GPS, and a speedometer.

When you first receive your Deep Blue motor, it will be fitted by a trusted professional who can hook it up to perfectly suit your needs and work at its most optimal level. This engine can also be used remotely, in tandem with a built-in wheel on your boat, so you won’t have to spend all of your time at the back end!

Torqeedo also pledges that the Deep Blue 25 is built to last you many years of constant use. The battery can last up to nine years on average, and even after this point, the battery can still work incredibly well for another number of years. The battery itself comes with a 9-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry yourself if any problems arise with it. 


  • Can keep up with even some of the fastest gas-powered motors.
  • The built-in touch display makes it easy to stay on top of maintenance.
  • Maintenance costs are kept low thanks to the incredibly solid construction and high-quality components. 


  • The Deep Blue 25 does not run completely silently and can create a minor whistling sound from the transmission. However, this sound is negligible. 
  • If any maintenance does need to be done, it can be a bit more difficult to do it by yourself. You may need to contact Torqeedo yourself.

Elco EP-9.9 Electric Outboard

Flexible, and designed for use on a number of kinds of boats, the Elco Electric Outboard makes for a perfect environmentally friendly propulsion system. This motor comes in two useful forms; the tiller and remote models.

The tiller model has a control arm built-in to the engine, to allow you to control the boat easily from behind. The Remote model instead allows you to hook up the motor to your boat’s steering system, so you can pilot it easily from the front, to give you maximum control of larger vessels.

The Elco Electric Outboard is available with a range of built-in motors that can reach various speeds. If you only need low-speed power from your motor, you can opt for the 5 horsepower model. If you need a little more oomph when powering your boat, then the 50 horsepower model allows you to reach incredible speeds without consuming heavy amounts of fossil fuels, or making a great deal of noise!

The EP-9.9 also features a water-based cooling system, which prevents it from overheating and breaking down, which means you won’t have to worry about pushing it to its limits, as it uses what’s around it to keep itself running properly.

While the Ep-9.9 may not have any kind of built-in display or GPS, it does have a “Get home Safe” alert system that will warn you when your battery begins to reach low levels, so that you can get home easily if the need arises. This means that you can ride about on the water without constantly fretting about your fuel levels.

Other safety features include over-speed, overload, and temperature protection amongst others. These systems allow the motor to monitor itself so that it can make necessary adjustments to run at its maximum efficiency.

Over-speed protection prevents the motor from being pushed too hard, which temperature protection ensures that the boat will not exceed a maximum temperature, so as to maintain safety during use.

You also won’t be expected to pay massive costs to acquire this motor, being one of the most competitively priced on the market, to make electric power accessible and easy.

Once you have your EP-9.9, you also won’t have to spend massive amounts of money on maintenance, thanks to its efficient electric power system which does not need to be refueled with harmful and unsustainable materials. Any parts that need replacing can be replaced easily, and without hassle, thanks to its traditional and easy-to-understand design.

When purchasing this motor, you will also have the option to choose from a number of extras to improve your experience, such as larger batteries and chargers, battery monitors, and top-mount controls. However, even with the basic stock battery, you can expect this hard-working motor to give you up to seven days of usage on just one charge! 


  • Easy to charge, maintain and control, with multiple custom options available from the get-go.
  • Simple design makes the motor easy to control, maintain, and understand.
  • The “Get Home Safe” system allows you to ride without worry.


  • Steady acceleration rather than instant throttle may be off-putting to some. 
  • Fewer moving parts mean that the motor can feel ‘cheap’ to some users.

Mitek Outboard 9.9 HP

Don’t need the most impressive horsepower from your boat? Planning on using your boat for small recreational activities? Look no further than the Mitek Outboard 9.9 HP, which provides you all you need to get your boat moving, and to get out into the water.

The Mitek Outboard 9.9 HP is available with both long and short shafts. A longer shaft should be purchased if your boat’s keel is large, as if it is too short, then it will not be able to efficiently cut through the water and create motion.

The Mitek 9.9 features few bells and whistles in its construction, and benefits from a classic design that is easy to install and understand, which makes it perfect for beginner users, or for those who need a motor for a small vessel.

The electric power systems are cooled via the water around you so that the system does not overheat and potentially break down, which would be disastrous in the open waters. When the motor is in motion, it is able to generate a constant torque, to keep it in smooth motion constantly, and the motor can be started up easily at any point when you need it, so you won’t be waiting around for your boat to kick into motion.

You can also make use of external batteries to provide your motor with even more power if you need to make a long haul journey, or you want to stay out on the waters for much longer. The Mitek 9.9 will allow you to enjoy and take in the sounds of the water, thanks to its quiet operation, which produces minimal vibrations, to allow you to relax, as well as preventing itself from disturbing local aquatic life.  

Mitek motors can be connected directly to their own specially-designed smartphone application, which allows you direct access to all of the important information about your motor as and when you need it. You can access your speed, temperature, and battery level all from one screen, to allow you to easily stay on top of everything while out and about. 


  • Simple and easy to understand.
  • Can be controlled directly from the motor, or via the dedicated Mitek smartphone application. 
  • Perfect for smaller vessels, with its low horsepower and low noise level.


  • Cannot provide competitive speeds.
  • Lower power levels mean the motor should not be used to travel great distances from shore.

The Electric Outboard Motor Buyer’s Guide

Getting the right motor for your boat is crucial if you want to get exactly the experience you desire, while also making sure to stay well within your budget. But keeping track of everything you need to check when deciding can be difficult and frustrating.

So, to help you make the right decision every time, we have put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide, so you don’t have to navigate the world of electric outboard motors alone.


Outboard motors are expensive. There’s no avoiding this fact. Electric outboard motors are even more expensive, thanks to the innovative technology involved in them. Thus, you will definitely want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth at every step, and that you are not overspending for anything. 

Check that the price is reflective of the features of the motor, such as; control features, or even built-in displays, and that the price is also reflective of the power of the motor. You won’t want to blow your whole budget on a motor that can only achieve 5 horsepower when you need 50 horsepower! 

Some motors come with optional extras that may add to initial costs. You may need to pay a little bit extra for control arms that attach directly to the motor. As well as this, some motor sellers will also offer insurance policies that can add to the costs.

Many electric outboard motors are well constructed by professionals, but this can mean that maintenance can only be performed by those who know the motor well, which can increase costs dramatically. 


Outboard motors have an arduous job that they must perform, moving about the water beneath your vessel at high speeds to create motion.

Some motors are better at performing this task than others. Those motors that are highly efficient, and able to make short work of water will generally have a higher power level, and will usually be around 50 horsepower for an electric-based model. 

If you only plan to use your motor to power a small fishing vessel (see also our article on the Walmart fishing license), then a motor with a lower horsepower will suit you just fine and will cost less to acquire and to maintain in the long run.

Make sure that whatever motor you choose has the requisite power to allow you to move across the distances you will need to traverse. How fast you want it to travel those distances is up to you, but the costs will increase as the speed increases.

Battery Life

Electric motors, of course, need to be recharged to ensure optimal usage. If you plan to make frequent and extended use of your motor, you will need to spring for a model that has a large battery capacity, so that you won’t have to return home constantly to recharge.

As well as this, you should also make sure to check that the battery is built to last. Many manufacturers pride themselves on being able to offer long-life batteries that can last for years of use.

Check to see if a manufacturer can offer a warranty on their batteries, as this is a symbol of quality. Some motor batteries can last upwards of ten years with proper care.

When choosing based on battery life, you should also check to see how long it takes for the battery to fully recharge. If a battery has a larger capacity, it may take longer to charge, but this can easily be done overnight, and large batteries can then run for upwards of a week on a single charge.

Boats with smaller batteries may charge quicker, but the batteries may not last as long, so those are best for those who only need to make short and infrequent boating trips.

Many motor manufacturers also offer extra batteries that you can take with you, to provide your boat with more power during a trip, in case you find yourself on the waters for longer than usual.

Some motors come with built-in displays to show the remaining battery life of a motor so that you can easily avoid situations when your battery may run out while on the waves.

Ease of Use

If you are new to the world of outboard motors, then you will likely want to start with a lower-cost model that may have a smaller horsepower and fewer extra features. These such models are generally more simple and easy to understand from the first use and may be easier to control.

More expensive models may feature more bells and whistles at the cost of usability. However, even the more expensive models can be easy to use, thanks to many having built-in displays to show battery life and horsepower, or even GPS systems. 

You should consider whether extra features are necessary for you, as there is no point in forking over money for systems that you will not likely use.