About Us

There really is nothing better than traveling on the ocean in a sailboat. There is something so peaceful and calming about being out on the waves, with the sun beating down on your sailboat. They are a great way of traveling to new places, and they give you the freedom to explore.

If you are someone interested in purchasing or renting a sailboat, there are many things that are useful to know. From the best types of sailboats available to purchase, to some of the accessories and items you may need for your trips. There is a lot to think about and research before your trip.

This is why I decided to set up this blog, to help others with all of the information and tips they may need when owning or using a sailboat. There are so many different types of sailboats available, all of which will vary significantly in price.

Hi, my name is Ron Johnson, and I have owned sailboats for the last 20 years. Sailing is a passion of mine, and I enjoy nothing better than traveling with my own sailboat. I first found my sea legs when I was a child and my parents rented a sailboat for a few days, and I have never looked back.

Through this blog, I will be sharing with readers all of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years. I will also be recommending and reviewing different sailboats, marinas and things such as motors and accessories.