Top 11 Best Portable Speakers For Your Boat

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When you have a boat, you want to be able to enjoy it. You want to be able to sit on it and look out to sea and think – this is what life is about. Having a boat, whether it is big or small, is something we all wish for. To be able to go out to sea whenever you want; to sail across rivers at a moment’s notice. To fully embrace life as it truly is, basking in the great outdoors.

However, you might soon realize that there are a lot of things to make your boat feel like a home from home. You’ll certainly need some good electrical equipment on board. How can you go anywhere if your computer’s wifi connection is less than perfect?

Ensuring you have somewhere to relax is also essential when you have a boat. A corner of it where you can relax and be at one with the world. Where you can dream all the dreams you have ever wanted to dream. This is what every boat needs and what you certainly deserve to have.

So, if you want this perfect space, how can you feel it is truly great and relaxing if you don’t have a portable speaker system? Having a portable speaker system will allow you to listen to the music that you want to when you want to and know that you can move it from your relaxation corner to anywhere else in the boat you want it to be.

This is why it is vitally important that you think about your portable speakers because if you get ones that aren’t up to the demands of being used on a boat then it will detract not only from your sense of calm but also from how much you can enjoy the boat.

So where can you find such speakers? Well, this piece will break down the Top 11 Best Portable Speakers For Your Boat and let you decide which speaker you want to truly rock your boat.

Best Portable Speakers For Your Boat

When you are looking for a portable speaker for your boat, you are looking for something that combines style with usability and is easy to move around. If your speaker is too heavy and unwieldy then it will not have the same impact as a much lighter speaker, and you won’t be able to position it where you want on the boat.

It certainly isn’t unwieldy, but it certainly is stylish and effective – the Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker is a speaker unlike any other. With its sleek design, fantastic quality audio delivery and incredible battery life, this is the speaker that will be sure to answer all your boat needs.

With a crystal-clear stereo sound system designed by the geniuses at Cambridge Sound Works in the USA, this speaker gives a beautifully pitched sound system that can effortlessly play whatever you want it to – from your favorite album to your latest addictive podcast series, this speaker system can do it all.

The excellent sound quality is thanks to Cambridge Sound Works ensuring that this speaker has a dual precision acoustic sound drive allowing the audio to be truly pitch perfect.

This is not the only reason that the OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker is the speaker you must have on your boat. The Bluetooth speaker has a range of 100 unobstructed feet meaning that if you want to moor up somewhere and chill out on the side of a river or beach you can easily leave your speaker on your boat and still hear it play your favorite tunes.

This combined with the fourteen-hour battery life of the speaker and its IPXS certified water resistance means that your speakers won’t suddenly stop working even if they get rained on or splashed on with any water. This makes this speaker system perfect for a boat and utterly fantastic to use if you are going out to sea or just travelling along a river side.

The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker is designed to be used on your boat no matter its size. Its elegant combination of style and effectiveness make it the perfect speaker for a voyage out on the water.


  • Not too heavy – The speaker is incredibly light which is very useful is you are wanting to shift it around your boat.
  • Fantastic audio quality – With specially designed crystal-clear stereo system and a range of 100 feet, the audio delivery capabilities on this speaker are unlike any other.
  • Great battery life – With a fourteen-hour battery life, this speaker is never going to suddenly lose momentum mid-way through an epic beat.
  • Water resistant – With its IPXS certified water resistance, no matter how wet and windy it might get in your boat you can still listen to your favorite songs without fear of your speaker suddenly stopping working.


  • Long charge – The OontZ Angle 3 does take some time to fully charge, about 7 hours in fact, which of course can be a bit of a dampener on a party if you’re having to wait so long to use your speaker system again

Design is important when you are looking for a portable speaker for your boat. A poorly designed speaker system is not going to be as effective or as useful for you when you are on your boat as one that has designed by an expert. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is perfectly designed for easy movement and for being on a boat as it is moving.

The design is clean and doesn’t waste any material, meaning that it isn’t overly clunky or extravagant. This means that it has a certain style to it that is sure to appeal to you and any of your friends on your boat.

Thanks to its excellent design the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 has 360-degree sound concentration meaning that it can be heard wherever you are on your boat, meaning that if you need some extra space you can place the Wonderboom further away from you and have no loss of audio quality.

Equally, the Wonderboom 2 also has a fantastic outdoor boost meaning that if you have moored your boat somewhere that is noisy and want to sit outside and listen to your music you will be certain to be able to as the automatic outdoor boost will ensure that no matter what is happening around you, you’ll be able to hear.

 This combined with a thirteen and a half hour battery and the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2’s natural compatibility with any of your devices means that it is a certain to be the portable speaker system for you. It is a portable speaker that you can easily see playing the best tunes you could possibly hope to hear whilst traveling around the ocean or even a river on your boat.


  • 360 Degrees Sound Concentration – This means you will be able to hear perfectly wherever you are on your boat or on the land.
  • Thirteen-hour battery – This means you won’t find yourself suddenly having to charge your speaker system all the time.
  • Outdoor boost – This means that you will be able to hear everything that is played on the speaker perfectly even if you are some distance from your boat.
  • Won’t easily get wet and ruined – Unlike some other speaker systems, this portable speaker won’t get wet and suddenly stop working. It means that even if you are listening whilst being buffeted by high winds and water with lots of spray you will still be able to sit back and relax knowing your speaker won’t get ruined by the weather.


  • No rewind button – Unlike some other speakers, this one does not come with a rewind button meaning if you miss your favorite track, you won’t be able to easily go back and listen to it again.
  • Battery life at full volume – Although the Wonderboom does have a great battery life, it isn’t as great when you have the speakers at full volume. At full volume the speakers have a tendency to easily drop off and run dry meaning that you might not get the thirteen hours you thought you were going to get.

Sometimes you just want to have a party on your boat. And that’s understandable – everyone loves parties and where better to have one than on a great boat jetting hither and tither across a shining sea. For great boat parties you need a speaker system that really knows how to pump the sound out.

A system that gives you the best of both worlds – gorgeous sound with a communal twist that means that everyone is having fun and having a night to remember.

Such a portable speaker system is the Sound Town Dual 6.5” Portable PA Speaker. With its fantastic including microphone you can easily have a karaoke night to remember. A night of true magic, moonlight and dancing unlike any other you’ve had before.

What is great about Sound Town’s Dual 6.5” Portable PA Speaker is not just that it can easily and effectively be used for karaoke but that it can be used for so many other things as well. This is a speaker system with a massive amount of power.

It’s Class-D amplified battery ensures that the party never ends because as soon as the battery starts running low, the speaker begin to recharge themselves just like magic! This means that you will have no need for rushing to some charging socket when you are in the middle of your favorite album. The internal charger ensures complete relaxation whilst you are on your boat.

This isn’t the only thing to impress about Sound Town’s fantastic speaker system. Thanks to its flexible inputs you can connect this speaker system to whatever device you have in mind, meaning that you can easily listen to anything you want to on any device you want to. This gives you the kind of flexibility that you need when enjoying yourself on your boat.

Why worry about what item you’ve got to connect to your portable speakers when you can just use whatever you have to hand?

Equally exciting is the Sound Town’s LED Party Lights. If you want to really make yourself, feel like you are at the center of a party than thanks to the inbuilt LED Party Lights you truly can be. With the simple flick of a switch, you can be in the center of party land with the music blaring and the lights flashing away.

This is exactly what you need from a great portable speaker system – lights that you can dance to; a battery that won’t suddenly die on you and device flexibility meaning you are able to play whatever you want when you want.

 The Sound Town Dual 6.5” Portable PA Speaker system has one final fantastic trick up its sleeve which is not exactly hidden in its name. It can function as a fully functioning PA system, meaning that if you are having a wedding, stag do or any other kind of somewhat more formal event on your boat your speaker system can step up to the challenge and ensure yours or anybody else’s speech is heard loud and clear.


  • Great flexibilityThis Sound Town system has great device flexibility which means that you can use whatever device you want whenever you want.
  • Rechargeable battery The battery can easily and quickly charge itself up again meaning that it isn’t ever going to suddenly wear out in the middle of a party or during your favorite song.
  • LED Lights The inbuilt LED lights mean that this portable speaker is great for parties and for other events in which you want to dance. The quality of the inbuilt LED lights is such that you can quite easily imagine that you are on a disco dance floor rather than your boat.
  • Can become a PA system That this speaker can easily become a PA system is a bonus if you are having stag do or an even in which speeches are being given.


  • Loudness problems – This speaker can at times have issues with its loudness meaning that the sound isn’t always loud enough for everyone who is using it.

Sometimes the thing you need with a portable speaker is something that can be easily moved. If you have a portable speaker that is bulky then it isn’t always going to be useful for when you are moving around your boat.

This is where Soundcore’s Flare Wireless Speaker comes in. Its beautifully petite size is perfect for moving around a boat easily. Its size may be somewhat fooling but this wonderfully designed little speaker can pack as much of an audio punch as any of its larger counterparts.

This is not the only thing about Soundcore’s wonderful speaker system. Alongside it BassUP technology which automatically improves the quality of whatever you are listening to as you are listening to it, Soundcore’s delightful speaker system also has a wonderful inbuilt LED light display which chimes with the music. This means that as you are listening to something the Soundcore speaker will give you a light display at the same time!

 This alongside its tough exterior which ensures that even if it is splashed by water its remains as perfect as ever means that the Soundcore Flare Wireless Speaker is a portable speaker system perfect for any sea dog worth their sea legs.


  • Gorgeous size – The size of this speaker system is perfect for being moved around any part of your boat that you want it to be.
  • Improves as you listen – Thanks to the innovative BassUP technology the speaker system improves whatever you are listening to as you are listening to it.
  • LED Light Display The LED Light Display system is a nice little design extra that makes this speaker system brighter than others you might have come across.


  • Can make sound a bit too compressed – Some users have found that when played at a certain volume the speakers can make what you are listening to sound a bit too compressed which not all users like.

Best For Long Listening Sessions

If you are on your boat and want to have a long and relaxing listening session, then you need look no further than the JBL Enceinte Bluetooth Speaker system. The playing life of this Bluetooth Speaker system is an astonishing twenty hours, meaning that you can listen to your favorite songs on a long-haul journey without fear that your speaker system might suddenly stop working.

Equally impressive with this speaker system is that it can connect up to two different smartphones at once, so if you and a loved one want to spend some time away from everything and both be able to use your boat’s portable speaker system then you will have no trouble doing so.

In addition, this speaker system can be taken anywhere and not damaged – indeed it can even be submerged in water and still be as effective as it was before!

 The JBL Enceinte Bluetooth Speaker is a speaker system like no other and it is sure to keep you going whilst you are sailing effortlessly to your latest location.


  • Fantastic listening time – With a 20-hour battery you can listen to music through this speaker for as long as you like.
  • Connects to multiple phones at once – It means you don’t have to fight over which songs you want to play next.
  • Withstands any kind of damage – This speaker can withstand water coming at it from all directions meaning it is suitable for boats.


  • No USB Wall Adapter – Meaning that if you need a USB wall adapter to play your speaker, you’ll have to buy one separately.
  • Can sometimes break down after a short period of times – Thought it is rare this speaker has been known to break down completely for a few consumers after only a few months, so you must take this into consideration when thinking of buying it.

When getting a portable speaker, you don’t always consider style, but you should. Style is an important part of any speaker. If you haven’t got a speaker that reflects the aesthetic of your boat, then you won’t feel as if your speaker is perfect. You will feel like your speaker is out of place and shouldn’t be there.

That’s why, when choosing a portable speaker, you must consider the style of the speaker as well. There is no more of a stylish speaker than the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Portable Speaker. With its sleek black design and gorgeous interplay between speakers and the plastic which holds it together, this is a speaker that truly will speak to your inner design guru self.

With its extreme performance fabric speakers, designed to allow sound to play at any level, and its magic play button which allows you to play, skip, rewind or pause any of the music that you are listening to with the touch of a button this truly is the speaker that you need on your boat.

Combined with its 15-hour battery and its submergible technology which means it can be kept under water for an hour and a half, this is the perfect speaker for your boat.


  • Stylish design – The sleek and effortless design of the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Portable Speaker is perfect for a boat that has been well kitted out for fun.
  • Fabric speakers – Allow for your music to sound perfect as it is being broadcast by the speakers.
  • Submergible technology – Ensures that even if your speaker is under water for an hour and a half it can still work perfectly.


  • Will remind you to open the app – The Ultimate Ear BOOM 3 often will remind you to open the app or to use the app that comes with it. However, if you don’t need to use the app or don’t want to use it then its continual reminders to use it can become annoying.

If you like to listen to your music whilst on deck and are worried about the speaker getting wet, then don’t worry – the EBODA Bluetooth Shower Speaker is here for you. Whilst it might seem strange using a shower speaker on a boat, it really isn’t. Designed to deal with high water pressure continually being flung at it, the EBODA knows how to react when faced with a great surge of water.

 The EBODA Bluetooth Shower Speaker also has five LED lights designed to allow you to have a great light show wherever you are sailing and with its stable Bluetooth connection you can be certain that you’ll never lose a link to your music wherever you are.


  • Highly Water Resistant – Won’t easily get too much water on it suddenly malfunction.
  • Five LED Lights – The great LED lights mean that even if you are sailing at night and want to listen to some music you will be able to.


  • Very small – The EBODA’s size can both be an advantage and a disadvantage as it could be easily lost.

Top Runners Up

The XLeader SoundAngel a8 stands out against other portable speakers of its type. Its phenomenal Bluetooth technology allows for it to be connected to your phone in three seconds. It’s a connection that lasts almost a lifetime as well – the speaker will automatically reconnect to the last device that was used if you want it to and your phone will instantly show you how much battery is left on your speaker.

That’s not all as the XLeader SoundAngel a8 also comes with a three-year warranty, inbuilt LED lights and a fantastic battery life. If you only play the speaker about one or two hours a day at mid-range volume you won’t need to recharge the speaker for two weeks! The XLeader SoundAngel a8 is exactly what a great speaker is made of – excellent design, great connectivity and a fantastic long-lasting battery.


  • Long lasting battery – Means you don’t have to constantly check to see whether you need to charge it or not.
  • Blue tooth connectivity – Will easily reconnect to your device whenever you want it to.


  • Automatic switch off – This speaker does have a tendency to automatically turn off after a while if it believes you have left it inactive which can be annoying if you are using it.

Sony are often rightly viewed as one of the great forces in the music world. They have often been innovators in sound production and in music accessibility. With the Sony SRS-XB23 Portable Speaker you will be able to see exactly why this reputation is deserved.

With and excellently designed body and the capacity to sync up to a hundred speakers at once, this speaker is at the top of its range. Its 12-hour battery life and waterproof body makes it perfect for using on a boat and it can easily be used to talk with your friends around the world meaning that you won’t feel as if you are sailing off into the sunset alone.

 It truly is one of the most inventive and innovative speakers out there and you would be foolish to not consider it for your next sea voyage.


  • Light and portable – Can be easily carried wherever you want on your boat.
  • Waterproof body – Won’t easily get rusty or broken.
  • Sync up to a hundred speakers at once – Great if you have a party going on your boat.


  • Limited battery – In comparison to some of the other speakers in this piece it has a low battery.
  • Volume can be low – Some users have found that the volume for the speaker can suddenly dip down low meaning that it is difficult to listen to music on it.

The JBL CLIP 3 portable speaker is perfect if you are just relaxing on your boat and want to feel at one with the world without having to mess around with wires to connect your speaker. Its locking system means it can easily clip anywhere you want and act as the perfect overhanging speaker.

This is combined with a fantastic, clean and clear cut design that makes it obvious where the play and sound control buttons are. This is artfully mixed in with speakerphone capabilities and great wireless settings to ensure that your speaker can work wherever you are in the world.

 The JBL CLIP 3 is a speaker that only comes along every so often – it is sleek, sophisticated and easy to use.


  • Easily clip in place – The Carabiner lock ensures that you can safely and securely lock you speaker in place without fear of it falling.
  • Clear where to press play – Some speakers like to hide where you can press play on your speaker, but the JBL CLIP 3 is upfront by putting them on the front of the player meaning you won’t need to mess around looking for it.
  • Sync up to a hundred speakers at once – Great if you have a party going on your boat.


  • Somewhat limited – This speaker is great in its own way, but it is somewhat limited in comparison to other speakers.
  • Volume can be low – Some users have found that the volume for the speaker can suddenly dip down low meaning that it is difficult to listen to music on it.

Many speakers only come in one color. The Bose Soundlink Color II isn’t like that – it comes in a wide variety of colors meaning that regardless of the interior décor of your boat you will be able to find a Bose Soundlink Color II that perfectly matches it.

That’s not the only thing that is impressive about this speaker, however. It also has a fantastic water-resistant design meaning that it will never get wet or ruined by anything it comes into contact with. In addition, the Bose Soundlink Color II also has a built-in speakerphone meaning that if you want to chat to somebody on shore then you can easily do so.

 Its lithium battery means it won’t easily run out of juice and need to be recharged. This in addition to its excellent sound quality makes the Bose Soundlink Color II one of the best speakers around.


  • Variety of colors – Means you can choose whichever color you like that fits your tastes.
  • Doubles up as speaker phone – Means you can easily chat to people around the world whilst sailing.
  • Doubles up as speaker phone – Means you can easily chat to people around the world whilst sailing.


  • Battery sometimes cuts out – The battery on this particular speaker has a tendency to cut out suddenly which can be annoying if you are in the middle of a particularly good song.
  • Can suddenly stop working – Some users have found that this speaker can suddenly stop working after four months and take a while to start working again.

Why Having a Great Speaker for your Boat is Important?

When you are relaxing on your boat you deserve to be able to listen to the music that matters most to you in style. The music that has been a part of your life for years and that you hope will be for a long time to come.

This is why choosing the perfect speaker for your boat is crucial to being able to have a good time on it. Going around the world on your boat can be an enjoyable experience, one that can transform how we think of ourselves. That’s why you need the right soundtrack to go with it.

 What’s the point of having a great soundtrack if you can’t have a fantastic speaker to give you the full power of your favorite songs to you as you embark on your voyage? There isn’t much point. That’s why getting yourself the perfect portable speaker for your boat is so important.

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